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 English Afternoon at the FKG 2017

Same procedure as every year!
Once again 30 pupils from the WBS visited the English Afternoon at the FKG.
We had fabulous weather, a great teatime and a lot of fun.
A big thank you to Mrs Campbell and her team!


     English Afternoon at the FKG 2016

Am Donnerstag, den 12. Mai 2016 besuchte Frau Berner zusammen mit den 3. und 4. Klassen den “English Afternoon” des Felix-Klein-Gymnasiums. Fotos unter diesem Link:

Once again we would like to thank Mrs Campbell and her team of helpers for a wonderful English Afternoon. The kids had a great time. They were involved into sports activities such as basketball, cricket, soccer and a lot more. The weather was fabulous. Thanks a lot.

The English Christmas Afternoon
at the FKG 2013

We would like to thank Mrs. Campbell and her helpers
for a wonderful Christmas Afternoon.  
Please have a look at the photos.



Christmas Afternoon

On 4th December, our English classes enjoyed a Christmas Afternoon. Classes 3a, 4a and 4b attended Felix-Klein-Gvmnasium for an afternoon of traditional English Christmas activities. The afternoon marks a continued tradition of meetings between the students of both schools participating in English events.

On December 4th.01

Two students decorating traditional English Christmas biscuits!

On December 4th.02

A  student shows his homemade Christingle Candle.

On December 4th.03

Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can`t catch me I´m the gingerbread man!

On December 4th.04

A student makes her own Christmas card.

On December 4th.05

Look at our Christingle Candles! It's easy to make your own, all you need is an orange, some cloves and a candle!

On December 4th.06

In a traditional English Christmas game, a student eats a piece of chocolate while blindfolded and wearing gloves.

On December 4th.07

Students decorating gingerbread men.

On December 4th.08

Students colouring and decorating pictures of Father Christmas!

Once again we would like to thank Mrs. Campbell and her helpers for a wonderful Christmas Afternoon. We all had a lot of fun!

Aliens Love Underpants

Monatsfeier Juli2012.05b
Monatsfeier Juli2012.06b
Monatsfeier Juli2012.07b
Monatsfeier Juli2012.08b

Aliens Love Underpants Review

On 20th July, 2012, Mrs. Berner’s theatre class performed a production of “Aliens Love Underpants.” The play is an adaptation of the children’s book of the same name written by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.

The group of twelve pupils rehearsed for 7 weeks.

“Aliens Love Underpants” tells the tale of a group of aliens who travel to earth in search of what they love most—- underpants. The aliens are delighted to find a variety of underpants on the washing line, all the time avoiding Earth’s most terrifying creatures: mothers.

The play featured music by David Bowie and John Williams’ famous score from “Star Wars.” The students performed the play in its original English text. The group had a lot of fun getting into their “alien characters” during rehearsals.

Texte und Fotos: Doris Berner